| I-RIA 2018 | Harnessing Technology for Industrial Revolution 4.0 |

Exhibition: Terms & Conditions

  1. The competition is open to all researchers and students to take part in I-RIA as participants.
  2. The maximum number of participants/member of the group is SEVEN (7).
  3. The name listed on the certificate is based on the spelling and order during the online registration.
  4. An invention/innovation must be new or improved. Any invention/innovation that has been contested and won any previous award must have some modifications made to the invention/innovation.
  5. The invention/ innovation may be presented in the form of pro-series or commercial sample, an article was released, prototypes, models, plans, drawings, images and text.
  6. Researchers can register only ONE (1) category of the competition only to one invention/innovation.
  7. After the registration is approved researchers are not allowed to make any changes to the name of the group, title and category of the competition.
  8. Security services will operate during the exhibition period. However, the secretariat is not responsible for loss, theft, damage caused by fire or other causes during the exhibition or during the trip.
  9. The decision of the panel is final. Any complaints will not be entertained.
  10. Each participation @ group will be given ONE (1) Certificate of Participation and ONE (1) Medal (if applicable). Additional certificate(s) and medal (s) will be charged accordingly.
  11. General Judging Criteria
    • Oral presentation (content, delivery).
    • Novelty, innovative, usefulness and marketability.
    • Q&A and products demo.